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Alisha is a PR pro for events, entertainment, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With over 15 years of experience, she's transformed startups into sensations and fueled growth for diverse clients nationwide. From storytelling and media relations to branding and creative direction, Alisha's visionary approach has made waves, earning her features in Forbes, CBS News,  KRON’s Live in the Bay and more. Ready to elevate your brand? Alisha is your key to success.


Alisha orchestrates multi-faceted campaigns with finesse, seamlessly blending storytelling with strategic direction. From crafting compelling brand narratives, press releases, and media pitches targeting the right media, she's the driving force behind countless success stories. With 15 years of PR mastery, she's earned accolades and widespread media coverage, solidifying her reputation as an industry powerhouse.

Armed with degrees in Speech and Visual Communications, alongside certifications in social media and fashion business essentials, Alisha is poised to elevate brands to new heights in the ever-evolving world of PR and Media Relations.

Beyond her PR endeavors, Alisha channels her creative energy into a passion for fashion. She founded Punk Majesty, an eco-conscious fashion brand that made waves at New York Fashion Week, has been adorned by rock stars, and has received significant media attention.

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