• Alisha Alexander

Keep in Shape in a Small Space! Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

I have been using mine now for 10 years! I did wear one out and replaced it, but at the low price, it is worth it! I have been able to maintain my weight and get my cardio in at home with no excuses! When you first start using it, it takes a little getting used to. You may want to position it next to a wall or something you can catch on to if you are not used to balancing on it. After a very short practice, you will get used to it, and eventually it will seem like second nature. You can tighten the tension knob to make your workout a little harder when you get more comfortable. I SWEAR by this piece of equipment. I have one in my home, and also one at my mother's house for when I visit for the holidays. I originally bought it as an alternative to the gym, for days when it might be too cold or rainy to get to the gym. I use it several times a week now, and at least 5 of my friends have also purchased one. If you want to burn calories and do cardio at home without having a big piece of equipment, this is a great buy! Purchase yours here.

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